hier findet sich noch nicht so viel, sagen wir mal, ich hol das noch auf.

ein bericht aus Indien den ich dooferweise für Rotary schreiben musste:


The first thought that came to my mind when I first stepped out of the plane was: “Oh god, how shall I survive 5 weeks in this heat?!” Now, that my time here in India is over, it is warmer in Germany than in India. I perfectly enjoyed staying with the Rashingkars, and though life here is total different from what I am used to. That means mostly good things; every medallion has two sides.

I like the food, but only if it is not too spicy. In my opinion, the traffic is fun – but I am glad that I don’t have to drive. And there are so many people! I live in a suburb, but even in the most crowded part of Dortmund, one would expect seeing about 10 people by stepping out on the streets.

I can say, that Indians are some of the friendliest people I know; sometimes I felt I was treated like a princess (which confuses me quite a bit, because I am the youngest in my family and absolutely not used to this kind of treatment).

In the past weeks, I saw a lot of things; of course a few temples and I made a two-day-trip to Aurangabad. In my first week, I went together with Mrs. Rashingkar and Nivedita, my exchange-student, to Rajgurunagar, which is a Rotary-Project of Mrs. Seema Phadnis. This project gives young girls a home and chances to make more out of their lives, and we came there to donate a computer.

All the time, especially there and on the trip to Aurangabad, I experienced that India for me was a big attraction – but I was one too, for Indians. In Aurangabad I was asked more than once, if I could pose for a photo with the family, some even asked me to hold their baby. Funny, but I am very glad that I am not famous in reality; I am not that photo type…

But I am glad that I came here and I will sure come back some day. With this I want to thank everybody, especially the Rashingkars, for being so nice to me and giving me the opportunity to make all these experiences.